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Mobile phones have evolved from being just gadgets to fashion accessories. The culture of maximising the fashion potential that comes with mobile phone colours is being embraced. The model and colour of phones people purchase differ from one person to another.

Also, a lot of people choose phone brands and colours depending on what is trending. These choices give us an inkling into their personalities. Asides personality, you can be able to predict the background of phone users correctly.

What The Brand Of Your Phones Says About You

When it comes to choosing a brand, you are spoilt for choice. Innovations are being released regularly.

Brands are constantly evolving to cater to the needs of their consumers. These needs are being met in several ways. One way is through the addition of extra features to make their use enjoyable. Here are brands and what they say about an individual.


When you see an individual with an iPhone, it says several things about the person. Researches have shown that those who tend to choose iPhones are perfectionists.

iPhone users are also quick to acknowledge their flaws. They are also ready to sacrifice their time and resources for friends and associates.

A report conducted among iPhone users also disclosed that they are always looking out to solve problems.

No matter how complicated a situation may be, an iPhone user will naturally want to solve the dilemma.

Samsung Phones

A typical Samsung phone user is born in affluence.

When faced with a challenge, a Samsung user will utilise money as the best possible solution.

They aren’t afraid to use their possessions as a bargaining chip to get whatever they desire.

Focusing on a project at a time is also their biggest challenge.

Their support system is majorly from their families. Hence, they are always around them.

LG Phones

Researches regarding LG phone users shows that they are naturally confused.

They often experiment on a variety of things without success.

LG phone users always want to identify with what is trendy, but they often fail in their attempts.

Naturally, they have a strong resolve about life.

The natural advice for them is to strive towards self-improvement.

Huawei Phones

Huawei phone users often give the impression of being outsiders.

They are received with great suspicion and apprehension wherever they go.

Also, they naturally spend a considerable amount of time in attempts to change the opinions others hold about them.

Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi Fold-able Smartphone

Individuals who use this brand often live life with one motto: Hard work.

Xiaomi phone users are known for their resilience and tenacity.

They are always aware of where to seek inspiration.

Although Xiaomi phone users are strict with regards to luxury, they give themselves a treat once in a while.

What Does The Color Of Your Phone Say About You?

Asides the choice of brands, many individuals pay attention to colour. This is often due to their fashion identity or due to their superstitious beliefs. Just by looking at the colour of an individual’s phone, you’re able to know a few things about them.

A survey was conducted to identify the colour of phones people use the most. The result of that survey disclosed the most widely used colour is black. Over 2500 respondents participated in that survey.

The survey also revealed white as the second most preferred colour. About 23.55 percent of the respondents went with that colour. The third colour after black and white was cyan. About 8 percent of the respondents chose it. Those who went for blue accounted for about 6.87 percent of the respondents. Dark grey came next with 6.71 percent. Red came finally with about 6.39 percent.

There was a time people didn’t care about the colour of the phones they acquire. Fashion and aesthetics, however, changed those perceptions. Researchers have found out that we reveal a series of activities going on in our brains whenever we are faced with a dilemma regarding colours. Psychologists have also revealed a lot of people are unaware of this activity.

According to a report, only about 20 percent of our colour choices occur subconsciously. Researchers working with Nokia Lumia conducted a study once. In that study, they presented an array of phone colours. The colours included white, cyan, black, and fuchsia. These colours were chosen because they were the most preferred among phone users.

The research disclosed that those who picked cyan were thinkers as well as philosophers. Cyan is associated with happiness, excitement, and exuberance.

Those who went for white were labelled as sophisticated and refined. They are often those who set a high standard for themselves. Those who purchase white-coloured phones were also identified by the researchers as clean.

Respondents who chose fuchsia were mostly females. Fuchsia is known to have a combination of aggression and military feminism. If you’ve seen a fuchsia colour object, you’d know it is similar to pink. This makes it a more ladylike colour than any other one.

Those who preferred the colour black are those who naturally like to go with the flow. They’re often those who are aware of the trends in the technology industry. The research showed that users who chose black tend to be protectors.

Another research disclosed that teenage girls are more inclined to go with lavender as much as they go for pink. Teenage girls also tend to lean towards colours that guarantee glimmer and glitz as they begin to age.

Psychedelic and gothic colours are often the preferences of older boys.

Older women, on the other hand, tend to go for browner and more benign colours. They often choose colours that match their bags and purses.

Black is often the preferred choice of men.

To Wrap It Up

When it comes to phone brands and colours, there is one for everyone. The amazing thing is that each reveals something peculiar to that user. Whether consciously or not. Making reference to this article will give you an idea about who your co-worker is. It will also give you an inkling into the personality of your new neighbour.

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