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The story of our world is fascinating, and if we exclude the complexity and just add the right amount of history and science it can seem very interesting.

History, Science, Mathematics & Physics go hand-in-hand to describe the universe, our world, the galaxies, and the dark matter. Religious Cosmology has also tried to unravel the mystery of our world and predicted the future based on their set of beliefs.

When watching Stranger Things, you may have wondered what if there is actually dark energy playing secret games on us? Or maybe you thought about the apocalypse and the end of the world when watching The 100, and wondered is our world moving towards its end?

Well, my friend, the answer is YES!

So, nearly 40 billion years ago, in a big, big dark void there was a bigger BANG! That is what the Big Bang Theory says. According to the theory, an ancient explosive force is making the galaxies move away at a great speed. Moreover, our universe is still expanding at a fast pace driven by Dark Energy. We don’t know much about this dark energy except that it makes up more than half of the matter and energy of our universe.

Fast forward, billions of years, there was a ball of fire (or hot, burning gases) rolling around in the dark matter influenced by dark energy. Somehow miraculously it started cooling down. Gravity developed and due to it the hot gases stopped ejecting earth and started accumulating. As a result, the atmosphere started forming, then came the clouds that showered so heavily that caused the early oceans to rise.

Masses started forming after millions of years. Very often in the geological history, the masses came together to form a large landmass or a super-continent. And then they broke by an amazing process of plate tectonics.

Nearly 250 million years ago, Pangaea, the mother continent originated, it was surrounded by Panthalassic Ocean and Paleo-Tethys Ocean. Pangaea then birthed two large continents. There was one called Laurasia, and another called Gondwana. Then, from these two supercontinents and super-oceans, came our seven continents and five oceans. Scientists believe that in the future, the subcontinents will all converge again to form a super-continent.

While wandering about the history of the world it is impossible to skip the question of the “Planet of the Apes”. Thanks to Darwin, we found that we weren’t a super-child. But we evolved from primates. Both biology and geology support the idea, but we still have to find the link between us and the apes. But there is always the question that why have modern chimps not evolved? Humans and modern chimps have been on their separate paths for almost 7 million years now.

Let’s skip the origin of a man here, and start taking a look at man’s footprints on the world.

Starting with the Pre-Modern History that covers Ancient History to 1-1299 (A.D.). This part of history was marked by the cultural development of Rome, Harappa, Aksum, Babylon, and Egypt. During these times, human civilisation flourished. It might not seem relevant in modern-day, but the Pre-Modern time in the history of the world was very important as man discovered and invented ways of communication, agriculture, and construction. Everything from starting the fire to arts and science started at this time.

Then comes the Early Modern time from 1300 A.D. to 1799 A.D. This period is where our world started taking shape that it has today. Better communication and contact resulted in the creation of states and then started capitalism and colonialism. New economic foundations were formed with an increase in industrialisation.

Consolidation of nations and colonialism in Africa and Asia kept rising as we in the Late Modern times (1800-1945). The multinational empires started breaking as new, independent nations emerged on the map of the world. Industrial warfare started and history was marked with World War I and II.

As we entered our contemporary times, there was a lot of progress in Science, especially in Atomic and Computer Sciences. This progress shaped the course of our contemporary human affairs. We are now in the age of global communication with extremely powerful and efficient resources in our hands. The fights among nations still continue are dealt more politically. But with the destructive atomic resources in access, and the growing political wedges and power struggles in play, only time will tell how this era will mark its end.

The future of our world is then proceeding in two courses.

One natural course that is still powered by dark energy and is accelerating against anticipation. According to the Big Crunch theory, the expansion that caused the formation of our world will reverse and the result is a relapse of the Earth.

And the other, human course that keeps us on the brink of atomic destruction. Whatever course it takes, the world is going towards its culmination. The only thing to watch here is which one comes first.

From Big Bang to Darwinism to Big Crunch- man has been trying to trace the origin, understand history, and predict the future of the world. Underlying all these theories is the interesting fact that whatever mechanism resulted in the origin of our world is the same mechanism that will result in its culmination.

Till next month,

I remain truly yours,

Tonny Rutakirwa,


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Serving since 28th December 2008.



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    1. Appreciate your feedback and recommendations, Verthil. 🙂

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