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It’s funny how our New Year resolutions always have a fitness, muscle gain or weight loss goal, and as the year ends, we think and wonder where the time went.

At some point, each one of us has gone through the struggle, and have had our share of success or failure.

Which is why the theme for this month is Weight Loss.

Weight Loss

I believe that weight loss happens in the head more than in the body.

Looking at the amazing weight loss routines of people around me, I have noticed one thing: when people lose weight they gain something in return.


Discipline then becomes a part and trait of their personality, and that’s how they successfully stay fit after shedding pounds.

You start with a changed mindset and end with a changed body and a better lifestyle.

Why one person loses weight successfully, and the other fails?

There are some factors that determine the success of your journey.

Davis and Bridget made a resolution to start their weight loss journey.


Davis wanted to start with a solid plan, it was now or never.

He was tired of people making jokes about him. He made a plan, fixed a few days, and decided a time. He also downloaded a diet chart, did some groceries, and was all set to start. And yes, he didn’t forget to set the alarm.

Bridget wanted to start with a solid plan but was very puzzled.

She asked her friend Sharon and Sharon promised to help and encouraged Bridget to make a plan and start working on that. Bridget made a plan and took some tips from Sharon. She had a plan, a diet plan, a schedule, and was all set to go.

Planning is the first and most important part of doing anything. Exercise and a good diet are nothing but healthy choices, and healthy habits. In order to make something your habit, you must continue to do it repeatedly and regularly.

Both Davis and Bridget had a good plan. They had different challenges, but they both ended up with a similar plan.


Davis continued thou it was tough, but he wasn’t one to give up. He needed to show everyone the difference he had made. He was following the diet plan, it was tough but he was doing it. He did take a few extra minutes in the bed every day but was going to the gym regularly.

Bridget was progressing as well. She was following the diet plan, it was boring but Sharon continued supporting her by joining her during some sessions. Bridget continued the gym and kept updating Sharon about her progress. Sharon later recommended Bridget to join a gym class. Although Bridget was reluctant, she joined.

The next step is therefore ‘Accountability’. When you involve others in your journey, you are less likely to give up. There will be someone to support you, motivate you, remind you of your goals, and encourage you all along.

Davis lacked accountability. But thanks to Sharon, Bridget had support. Moreover, by investing in and joining a regular class, Bridget became more accountable to her coach, gym mates, and friends.


Davis was doing well, but he had to miss the gym a few times.

It was no big deal though, he was still strong and persistent to continue. The diet was also working well, except for those days he had to go out with Boris for dinners, or of course weekends when he didn’t want to cook something. But overall, it was going well. He convinced himself he might reach there slow but he was sure he will reach there.

Bridget was doing great too. She couldn’t miss the gym class no matter what because the coach would keep nagging if she skipped. Bridget and Sharon were also going for cycling or hiking every weekend.

The diet was going well too. She couldn’t cook every day but Sharon told her about a great BBQ place that delivered. They went out for dinner a few times but ordered healthy food together.

When you start something new especially a weight loss struggle, you start with a lot of enthusiasm. Soon after you start, you will face challenges like food cravings and lethargy. These challenges can bring you down if you don’t have support. Moreover, the people around you and your surroundings will soon start affecting your choices. Once you pass this stage, things get easier.

Things are getting tough for both Davis and Bridget, but constant support and a sense of accountability kept Bridget going on to pass this stage successfully.

Patience & Persistence

Davis was getting frustrated. Could you blame him? He was going to the gym and eating right but nothing was working. He felt he had lost some pounds but when he checked, it was just 4 pounds. 4 lbs in 2 months, how’s that possible? He had to lose 100 lbs (45 kgs). Come on, he said to himself, ‘This is stupid! The online plans and even going to the gym when there was no result.’

Bridget too was sad today. She had lost only 8 pounds in 2 months, it was a long way to go. But then she realised she was feeling much better and stronger. Sharon and her coach encouraged her. She researched and found that losing weight in a slow but persistent way is better than losing a lot of weight at one time.

It is very important to set realistic goals, and it is even more important to not look at the scale too often. The ideal weight is different for everyone. Moreover, while we may lose less in numbers, our bodies still keep getting fitter.

Intention & Reason

Davis gave up! What’s the use of the struggle when there are no results! People still called him fat! He still keeps planning for starting a weight loss program, or to get some ‘magic pill’ or a ‘magic diet.’

Bridget had developed healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. Her choices and habits are now a part of her life. She stopped looking at the numbers long ago. Her goal was to be fit and healthy, and she does feel fit and healthy.

When you start the weight loss journey, do it for the right reasons. When your goal is to get accepted among people, you are doing this to fix your low self-esteem. Know your worth, and do it for yourself. You, your body and your life deserve healthy choices and healthy habits.

Davis was doing it for others, and Bridget was doing for her own health and fitness. That’s what defined their goals, plans and kept them going.

Till next month,

I remain truly yours,

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

Serving since 28th December 2008.

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