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Climate Change

Why Should We Stop Pollution? 8 Reasons to Stop Pollution, a Guide

Pollution is a cold topic that nobody really feels comfortable talking about, but it exists. Currently, pollution has reached a point where it has started to affect the daily lifestyle of every being on the planet and has already made the lives of the future generations questionable. While everyone knows the variety of pollution on […]

Why Are Microplastics a Problem? Causes, Effects, A Guide

This month, my monthly statement turns to the ongoing issue of microplastics. Similar to my previous month’s statement on how long it takes glass to decompose. This is to address the question of why are microplastics a problem. So in this statement article, I’m throwing my attention to this issue to help others understand why […]

Is Enamel Eco-friendly? And What Is Enamel Used For? A Guide

This week we’re looking at the use of enamel. Enamel is still very much in use today, and in this more eco-friendly society we’re trying to build …we wanted to discuss the subject of – is enamel eco-friendly? Is enamel Eco-Friendly? Enamel is more Eco-friendly than most alternative products, based on its non-leaching properties and […]

Landfill vs Incineration, Differences, Pros And Cons, A Guide

I’ve long wondered what the best method of eradicating our garbage is. Aside from recycling which is the overwhelming best method. So, in this article, I’m going to discuss the main differences between landfill vs incineration and help us all understand the advantages of one over the other – if any, as well as the […]

Can Plastic Film Be Recycled? Types, Recycle Hints, Tips, a Guide

Plastic film – often called cling film, has been around for decades, it has many uses in the kitchens all over the UK and the rest of the world. But what exactly is it? Can it be recycled? If so then how? What’s the best way to recycle plastic film? And how does plastic film […]

How Long Does It Take for Glass to Decompose? The Answer!

All through last year, we were bombarded with messages about the oceans filling with plastics! – and quite rightly so! They are by far one of the worse problems that face us and the planet’s wildlife in the coming decades, not to mention other materials … which I’ll explore more in later articles. So in […]