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Book Reviews

Book Review #76

Background Information The Invisible Man was authored and published by Ralph Waldo Ellison in 1952. Ralph was born in 1913 and rose to become one of the most renowned American novelists and literary critics. One of Ralph’s inspiration for Invisible Man was his experience at the Tuskegee Institute. After applying to the institute twice without […]

Book Review #75

Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? If not, let me give you a glimpse of what it entails. In its most basic form, the butterfly effect asserts that small things can enforce vast non-linear impacts on a complex system. Even the simplest of systems can be impacted by few variables to result in […]

Book Review #74

If you haven’t read Ray Dalio’s book titled “Principles for navigating big debt crisis,” then you may not understand some perspective in relation to big debts. However, if you have gone through the book from scratch to finish, you will most likely better understand the big debt crisis, which is entirely different from what you […]

Book Review #73

The year 2020 will forever be remembered for one thing; the Coronavirus. Seemingly out of nowhere, the virus came and shattered society as we knew it, introducing a new era, The Social distancing era. Viruses are microscopic, so it’s a wonder in itself how something so small can cause so much havoc. This book breaks […]

Book Review #72

If you are familiar with Jared Diamond, you know what to expect in this book with a very catchy title. If you aren’t familiar, here is a quick introduction for you. Jared Diamond is an American geographer, historian, and anthropologist. He is the author of popular books in human evolution and human history. ‘Guns, Germs […]

Book Review #71

‘The Third Chimpanzee’ by Jared Diamond, that you can buy here, is a fascinating book about the evolution and the future of human beings or as ‘Human Animals.’ We have been fascinated by the concept of evolution and our ancestral ties with chimpanzees and gorillas. Movies like The Planet of Apes have tried to give […]

Book Review #70

This book, that you can buy here, shines a light on the importance of obstacles in our lives. People pray and hope that everything goes smoothly in their journey. In truth, no one would willingly want an obstacle to be in their way, would they? That’s interesting because it is known that obstacles bring out […]

Book Review #69

Interesting, unique and enticing—The Black Swan, that you can buy here, is an absolute treat for everyone! Taleb has a unique way of concocting words to deliver the most thought-provoking ideas. Only he can write a book on predictability, probability, statistics and make it so interesting that you won’t put it down. Taleb is a […]

Book Review #68

‘Growth must end’, says Vaclav Smil whose book entitled, ‘Growth: From Microorganisms to Megacities‘, that you can buy here, is an evaluation of growth-and the message that growth must stop. Growth is the ultimate book on the growth of the world, humanity, and everything within by the interdisciplinary genius. The book is for every urbanist, every […]

Book Review #67

I first encountered Prof Rebecca Henderson when I took her Harvard Business School Online’s course entitled Sustainable Business Strategy. By the end of the cohort, she had become my favourite teacher of all time – and still remains at the time of writing this which is why I am convinced that everyone looking for hope, […]