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Book Review #47

Journaling is an important form of meditation for many. But in the Stoic philosophy, journaling is an essential exercise. The Roman Stoics- Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius were proponents of journaling. They considered it a necessary form of learning, practicing and training.

In 2016, when Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman published The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and Reflection on the Art of Living, that you can buy here. People loved the book and started journaling in the narrow space available or on separate books.

As a result, Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman produced and launched The Daily Stoic Journal: 366 Days of Writing and Reflection on the Art of Living. The journal shares 52 new Stoic practices and disciplines. And, in the introduction, the authors recommend the users to apply one every week of the year.

In each of the 52 weekly activities, the authors share directions and tips. There are a few quotes from the Roman Stoics. The journal entries are divided into various sections like:

  • Morning Preparations
  • Evening Review

Each section is meticulously designed and written by the authors who are best at their jobs. The goal of these sections is to help the users get rid of their poor habits like procrastination or complaining. And, to promote their good qualities.

Hanselman & Holiday also share the benefits of using a journal, no matter what journal people use, according to the Stoic principles, the journal will help them in engrossing and growing from the real essence of stoicism.

For people who are interested in adopting the Stoic principles and making them a part of their lives, The Daily Stoic Journal is very helpful. The goal of Stoicism is to achieve wisdom and self-mastery. And, to do that effectively, they need the discipline and consistent practices that the journal provides.

Of course, you can use any journal for that, and achieve the results when you follow the book, The Daily Stoic and the other practices and tips that Hanselman & Holiday share on their website and social media.

Personally, I loved using the journal. I think it is a brilliant tool for journaling. Hanselman & Holiday have designed the journal in a way that offers maximum productivity, performance, and results.

It starts with a few pages of introduction. In the introduction, the authors talk in general about Stoicism and introduce its concepts and importance to the readers. Then, they share tips on how to use the journal. Throughout this section, the book, The Daily Stoic is the main reference. You can think of that as a companion book.

Each individual weekly section starts with a new stoic practice. Then, Hanselman & Holiday explain the practice and outline major goals in a few paragraphs. This is followed by supporting quotations from the famous Stoics including Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus. Moreover, each day is divided into two sections: a Morning Reflection and an Evening Reflection and is followed by a question as a prompt.

You will find (and answer) questions like:

  • What bad habit did I curb today?
  • Which of my possessions own me?
  • Am I doing deep work?

When it comes to journaling, The Daily Stoic Journal doesn’t give you open space. The space is limited but ample. The best part is that Hanselman & Holiday share the formal with us. And, honestly, if you keep writing every day, the format will become a part of your future journaling.

Overall, I enjoyed every day of using the journal. Being a fan of Stoicism, I believe that the journal has so much to offer. And, if I am being honest, it made the whole process of journaling and inhibiting invaluable properties of Stoicism very easy.

Hanselman & Holiday have done a great job. If you have read other works by Ryan Holiday, you must already know that you are in for true learning when you start using The Daily Stoic Journal.

Reviewed by;

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

Serving since 28th December 2008.

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