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Book Review #73 – Understanding Corona Virus by Tonny Rutakirwa

The year 2020 will forever be remembered for one thing; the Coronavirus. Seemingly out of nowhere, the virus came and shattered society as we knew it, introducing a new era, The Social distancing era. Viruses are microscopic, so it’s a wonder in itself how something so small can cause so much havoc.

This book breaks down everything one possibly needs to know about the Coronavirus and shines a light on the particular member of the Coronavirus family that has literally been plaguing us for much of this year.

As the name suggests, the author goes out of his way to make sure the reader will drop the book with extensive knowledge of the Covid-19 and Coronaviruses in general.

What To Expect From This Book

This book, that you can buy here, is divided into three parts to break down the virus in its entirety efficiently. The first part deals with the history, epidemiology, and deaths. The second focuses on social distancing, transmission, etc. But, the third part of the book is focused on statistics and response.

The author starts by introducing the virus family and talking about its similarity to other viruses like it. A lot of people have compared Covid-19 with the common cold or flu. They’re partly right because the flu and Covid-19 are in the same family of Coronavirus. They even have nearly the same mode of transmission.

The lethality, though, is a major divide between both of them, as Covid-19 has been found to have a lethality of 2percent, while the common cold’s lethality is way lesser. Additionally, the percentage of critical illnesses from Covid-19 and how likely children are to contact the virus is also discussed.

A Break Down Of This Book

The book delves into the history of Coronaviruses. While this strain of viruses is just coming into the public eye, it’s been around for ages. First discovered in 1965, the Coronavirus was found by two scientists, Tyrell and Bryce. They couldn’t do much experimenting on the samples they found because of equipment not being optimal.

Years later, two other scientists were able to grow the virus, and studies showed the samples they were dealing with were unique. This would lead to more studies and the eventual creation of the Coronavirus family, and eventually, the classification of the Covid-19 virus as a Coronavirus.

The book then leaves the history and shifts its attention to the virus that has been causing concern for people everywhere; Covid-19. It goes to the beginning of the crisis, to Wuhan China, where the virus originated. Or at least where it was first reported on the 19th of December 2019. The author traces the virus from there all the way to the UK. Then, he discusses incidents surrounding its transmission and spread all over the world.

The book goes further to dissect the virus more and talk in detail about virology and diagnosis. Viral testing is now available worldwide, and the author touches on the time frame for test results alongside the kind of tests carried out. It then starts an in-depth discussion about the symptoms of the virus. While this is general knowledge at this point, it is still essential that one does not forget, and the author breaks down possible symptoms that one might not take seriously, but that is indeed serious. It gives tips on self-isolation, social distancing, and quarantine while also tells the difference between surgical masks and respiratory masks, as well as a host of other things.

It finally goes deep into statistics of countries all over the world, and their response to the virus ravaging the population. The author talks about what to do to manage the virus yourself and how countries have been managing it. Almost all governments in the world have had to lock down the country for at least two weeks to try and mitigate the virus’s spread and reduce the influx of patients to hospitals, as hospitals were getting filled up.

The Socio-political impact of the virus is also discussed, albeit not in too much depth. The virus has had a huge influence on everything politics this year and is a big talking point leading up to the United States’ elections. The government’s handling of the virus has divided the country. Democrats are criticizing the President’s stance on the virus and his staunch anti-masking policy. The country was nearly thrown into chaos when the President caught the virus, but he recovered quickly.

Also notable is the environmental impact of the virus, as discussed in the book. With lockdowns all over the world, there has been a significant increase in pollution, both in the air and on land. Tourism industries and economies that depend heavily on it have also taken a hit, and this book touches on those amongst other things.

The Essence Of This Book

The author tackles a topic that’s both interesting and in the public eye. And does it excellently. The book is both educational and factual. While many people have heard of the virus (in this case, almost everyone), not everyone could say they understand it. Most people get news about it from the television. That does a poor job of educating the public about the Coronavirus as newscasters are more concerned about social distancing laws and death statistics.

The author put a book together filled with fantastic in-depth research and yet human enough to touch and teach the reader without being boring and robotic.

Wrapping It Up

The author aptly titled the book “Understanding Coronavirus.” This book is a solid 9/10 considering the topic broached and the approach used. It’s very easy to get facts wrong or pass false information heavily influenced by personal opinion or prejudice about the Coronavirus.

The author heavily leans on the scientific and historical facts that have been proven and can easily be found out if found as false. All these while maintaining a neutral and educated tone. The end product is a brilliant book that leaves you with a full understanding of the Coronavirus and Covid-19.

Reviewed by;

Natalie Hauser


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