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What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey

This is a book review for, ‘What I Know for Sure‘ by Oprah Winfrey for which you can get your personal copy here

You’ve got to love Oprah! In my eyes, Oprah does no wrong. In her book, What I Know for Sure, Oprah Winfrey shares some great wisdom that will surely leave you motivated and raring to go.

I must confess, when I read this book, I didn’t know what to expect. And, I must say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. By the time I finished reading, it felt like Oprah was sitting in front of me, ready for an embrace.

The book has 8 chapters which are all appropriately titled.

In the book, she talks about a lot of things, from relationships to spirituality. She even shares her weight struggles; how she tried one diet after the other and had crazy meal plans. Finally, she says that she has made ‘grateful peace’ with her body. This part of the book will surely resonate with all those that are overweight or struggling with their weight.

She quotes the Bible a few times when she talks about spirituality, as well as some spiritual teachings from people like Jesse Jackson, Eckhart Tolle, and many others. She says that the spiritual teachings from these people are what she depended on whenever she was confronted with difficult situations.

Oprah goes on to talk about relationships. In that section, she mentions things like relationships with neighbours, betrayal by friends, and so much more. The experiences that she shares in this book will leave you feeling like you can conquer too.

In the book, she says,

“I have been through it, I know how it feels and you can overcome it because I have managed to.”

This makes you understand that yes, things may be difficult now, but it will all pass.

Oh, and yes, she talks about her friendship with Maya Angelou. Everyone has always known that Oprah and Maya were friends but in this book, she calls Maya her spiritual mother. She also mentions Gayle King a lot, who has been her friend for decades.

This is definitely a great book for motivation!

Reviewed by;

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

Serving since 28th December 2008.


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