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Book review #62

When it comes to business books, we tend to wonder if a book that was written almost 40 years ago is still relevant.

In Search of Excellence’ by Tom Peters (that you can buy here) was published in 1982 and became one of the best-selling books of all time. Because of that, I decided to read the book so that I could see if it really deserved to be there and if we can still apply the same techniques today.

The book makes mention of 8 characteristics that a company needs in order to be successful while exemplifying quite a number of companies that were doing great at the time that this book was written.

Looking at those 8 characteristics, I could actually see that they can still be used in today’s business world and work just fine. These characteristics include the willingness to learn, having a set of company values, establishing relationships with customers, among others. Those techniques worked back then and are still applying today which makes this book quite relevant.

It should, however, be noted that some of the companies that were mentioned as being successful in this book (HP, Wang Laboratories, etc.) are now struggling to stay afloat, while some of them have closed down. Because of that, I felt that the book needs a revised edition to factor in these changes.

Tom Peters and Robert H Waterman, Jr. should probably get back together and look at why those corporations failed and what needs to be done for lasting success.

Overall, this is a great mentoring book that has principles that work. Kudos to the authors for writing such an ingenious masterpiece!

Reviewed by;

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

Serving since 28th December 2008.


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