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Book Review #54 – Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men by Dr Myles Munroe

The world is changing. The status of women in the new world is changing. This fast-changing world has left men in a state of utter confusion. ‘The male is in crisis.’

And, the problem is that they aren’t ready to admit it.

You wouldn’t have read truer words than these.

If you are a woman, you know this is the case. Exactly what your mind was probably racing to say but you couldn’t put your finger on it…

If you are a man, you know this is true. You will still hate to admit it though…

But, men or women, ‘Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men‘ is a must-read for you.

Since forever, men have assumed a role of dominance. His traditional roles gave him a sense of stability and permanence. But the changing world keeps giving contradictory cues. As a result, men are struggling to find their place in this ever-changing world.

Their confusion is becoming more continuous. They are constantly questioning their roles. And, resultantly, becoming more frustrated, more disillusioned, and more traumatized.

According to Dr. Munroe, this is because they are in denial… and they refuse to change. Naturally, change brings anxiety, fear and confusion. By resisting it, a man is giving space for negative feelings to reside in his heart. This brings confusion, disillusion, and frustration. And, this shows in negative forms like oppression, suppression, violence, and ‘the spirit of control.’

And, the product of all this negativity is chaos.

According to Dr Myles Munroe;

“The majority of crimes worldwide are done by men. Ninety to ninety-five percent of those in prison in the United Sales are males.”

As society is redefining itself, men across the world are striving to redefine Manhood. Masculinity. Fatherhood.

So, what is the problem? And, what is the root of the confusion? The problem, according to Dr Munroe is that the men in the world are in an ‘identity crisis.’

“… the problem is not a biological one of maleness… but a spiritual one of identity.”

And, the toot of the confusion is that… for years, men have associated their very definition of ‘manhood‘ to their traditional, social and cultural roles. However, the changing roles in the changing world have changed that ‘definition’, and the men in the world now need a clearer self-image.

In the book, Dr Munroe digs deep into all questions related to manhood, masculinity, male sexuality and the purpose of men in relation to women. He then moves on to finding a universal definition of manhood and figuring out where we can look for this definition.

And, then comes the most important question… what is the purpose of men in the changing world?

To get the answers to these questions, Dr Myles Munroe does what he does best. He goes back to the idea of creation and looks towards the Creator for this. Because, as in his words, ‘no one knows the product like the manufacturer.’

By redefining manhood and finding a man’s true purpose- the men will realize their power. And, they will be able to function and perform their roles in the human family.

“A man’s position and actions must flow out of his purpose, not the other way around.”

If there is one writer who can do justice to a topic like this, it is Dr Myles Munroe. I have read, re-read and loved his book, ‘Understanding the Purpose and Power of Women.”

So, I was not so surprised when ‘Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men’ amazed me. In today’s world, religion and gender are the most talked about topics. At the same time, they are still sensitive topics. But Dr. Munroe is the best when it comes to these topics.

The book is a hot seller. Every man should read it. Every woman who wants to understand men should read it. ‘Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men’ is a must-read for everyone and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by;

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

Serving since 28th December 2008.


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