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Book Review #48

The Last Black Unicorn’ by Tiffany Haddish, that you can buy here, is one of the best books that you would read. First… great title and great cover. Then… it delivers what the book cover promises.

If you have watched ‘Girls Trip’ you would know what to expect. ‘Girls Trip’ is a hilarious movie starring names like Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah. But Tiffany Haddish is the star of the movie. Her presence makes every scene so much better.

‘The Last Black Unicorn’ is an original story, it narrates the life of Tiffany. Starting from being born in a poor household to being in foster care, the early years of her life are a depiction of neglect and abuse.

No matter how influential they were, the people around her failed to protect her. This resulted in Tiffany staying behind in academics so much that she was stuck on the second-grade level until high school. However, Tiffany wasn’t one who gives up.

Tiffany was robust and strong. Above all, her determination to change her life for better motivated her to keep trying. She joined comedy classes, but it didn’t come easy or naturally to her. She had to struggle to attend the classes. There, she learned how to tell jokes. She was also working full time and juggling her work and classes. At high school, she was the Mascot. And in addition to that, she was working at a bar in LA.

But things got better when she landed a good job at an airline. Tiffany was working, learning comedy, and performing. There were times when she was living out of her car. The circumstances in her life had never been perfect, and if she wanted she could be nasty and annoyed about everything. However, she chose a different way. She even tried to take care of her parents and grandparents.

She chose kindness over bitterness, and friendliness over anger. So far, you must be thinking where the comedy is… well. I admit ‘The Last Black Unicorn’ is not a funny story, and even though there are many parts that are comical, it is a sad story with heartbreaking details. The stories of assault, neglect, and violence are as many as the funny stories about how Tiffany became a star.

There is nothing that balances the other thing. The sad parts are tormenting, and wrench your heart when you learn that in her early days, Tiffany faced physical violence. And, not just that, she was molested. As she started growing up, the men around her never treated her with respect.

She married an ex-cop, and her life didn’t improve in fact he treated her like a piece of property. He was suspicious of her all the time. He watched and filmed her without her permission. He checked her phone and social media. He didn’t stop there and continued confining her from meeting her friends.

With this marriage, Tiffany loses a lot. She lost her friends, she lost the freedom to meet and interact with the people, she lost the ability to live without someone keeping a constant eye on her. There was even a point when her husband had her followed. Cut off from her friends and colleagues, Tiffany was living a miserable life full of violence and subjugation. Her husband even had her followed.

If you look at her now, you must be thinking why she was staying in that abusive marriage, and what was keeping her from taking stepping up.

You see everyone has a different way of reacting. When you will read the book, you will realize that Tiffany was strong, smart and sensitive. She was fully committed to her duties as a wife, but most importantly as the mother to her stepson who she really loved.  She was also hopeful that things will get better until they didn’t.

Her hope dies and her heartbreaks, but she emerges from this strongly.

Even the unfairest of events doesn’t stop her. Tiffany realizes that she needs a place, she needs to belong… and this place she found in comedy.

Since her childhood to every phase of her life, going through unimaginable circumstances, she latches on to comedy. And, comedy becomes her savior.

The most incredible thing about the book is how Tiffany blends these sorrowful events with her innate sense of comedy. She is Tiffany, she cannot stop being awesome, she cannot stop being funny! Throughout the book, she shines like a diva!

Her unique and humorous depiction of every instance in her life from handling broken relationships to living a life of fame will leave you laughing and turning. She tells how someone who comes from nothing can fight the most unjust of the battles and build a life where they outshine!

Today, Tiffany is the name known in every house. Her performance, her mastery of comedy and her natural charm won her the true place that she deserved.

If you wonder what tears someone is hiding behind their laughter…

If you wonder what grief the people making us laugh are hiding…

If you simply want to see how a resilient person can refuse to break and continue to shine…

Or if you simply need to read a book with a great story, great humor, and great writing skills….

‘The Last Unicorn’ is for you! This is the book that you will read in a go (it’s really too hard to put it down), and cherish and remember for long. Tiffany Haddish is a great comedy star and a strong, resilient woman whose story is bound to inspire anyone who reads it.

Reviewed by;

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

Serving since 28th December 2008.

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