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Your Excellency,

Distinguished guests,

Dignitaries present,

Ladies and Gentlemen in all your respective capacities,

Good evening,

We are living in an age of choice. It seems like for every single little thing we could need there are thousands of options, all of them different. I’m reminded of a story a friend once told me. He was travelling in the US, and was suddenly hit by a craving for tinned peaches. Now this, you would imagine, would be a relatively simple process, he would go into the supermarket, find the fruit aisle, and just pick up the peaches he wanted. When he got there, though, he found an entire section of an aisle dedicated to tinned peaches. Thirty-five different kinds of the stuff. Thirty five different companies too. And I’ll tell you right now, that each of those brands have a committed following, who believe that their personal peaches are better than the other thirty four. The moral of this story is that people love choice. They want everything, abundantly, and right there at their fingertips.

For the last eleven years, that has been at the heart of everything we do at Tonniez Group Holdings. It was started with an important vision, the tinned peach vision. Look at all those choices in that supermarket. What if there was a group that could provide all of this, with guaranteed quality, and a name you can trust? That’s what Tonniez Group Holdings is, a global conglomerate committed to bringing the world high-standard services and products from every single section of the supply and demand chain.

We began small, just like all big ideas do. That tiny seed of a dream, the dream of providing all this to the world. Now, 11 years later, we are a group of 28 companies, 588 brands and 3 organisations, all of which are on the rise, gaining prominence in every sector you can think of. We have companies in finance, hospitality, education, media, and utilities, along with countless more. The potential here is absolutely endless. I don’t exaggerate when I tell you that this conglomerate has the opportunity to completely dominate the global supply chain. The financial returns from that will be astronomical, and the opportunities for everyone involved are huge, from employees to investors.

The story of this group is one of challenging adversity. When we began I was faced with the usual adversity. People told me it just wouldn’t work. They told me a conglomerate of this size was impossible. They told me it was an impossible dream, and that I should leave it, that I should give up. Nothing like this has ever worked before, they told me, and I was going to be left disappointed. But I did what we should all do in the face of naysayers: I completely ignored them. Every single innovator in the world is told their ideas are impossible. The fact that we are going against what’s been done before is the exact thing that makes us innovators. We aren’t chained down by the doubts of other people, and never should be. We are the people who will change this world, because we are the ones who believe it can be changed.

Which brings us to you, the stakeholders in this grand venture. Because you too are innovators, each and every one of you. These ideas take more than one person to set them in motion. They need investment, people who believe in the group’s ideals and goals, which we have gotten, and will continue to get going forward. So to all of our investors, thank you for believing, and trusting this conglomerate. They need employees, people who keep the dream running day-to-day, who ensure that our products and services are being provided, at the standard we need. You are the absolute lifeblood of this organisation. Without you, none of this would exist, and nothing would ever get done. Finally, they need clients. The people who see the value of what we’re providing, who see the benefits of the wide range of choice and service we offer. They are the people we do this work for, they are the entire reason we do what we do. Our commitment to client satisfaction hasn’t changed in the past eleven years, and I promise you that it never will.

So as we move forward to the next eleven years of our journey together, stick with this. Alone, we can’t achieve half of the things that this organisation has the opportunity to. But together, working as one, from investor, to client, to employee, we have the capability to build something truly phenomenal here. We are all a part of something new here, something with the power to change the world, and how we do business, forever. The possibilities the future holds for us makes me incredibly excited. It gives me the urge to just jump straight back into the work and keep going. Never, ever, let anyone tell you that we won’t succeed. Because I know we can. And I know that, together, we will. So here’s to the eleven years that have passed, and here’s to the eleven years and beyond that are to come. Let’s keep striving, and let’s change the world.

Delivered by;

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

London, United Kingdom,

Saturday, 28th December, 2019.


    • Donald Kamugisha

    • 9 months ago

    Good message. I have seen you grow your business empire. In fact it looked quit a big dream too big to achieve and here you’re. Congrats my mentor. Aim higher?‍♂️

    • Patrick kweku-duah

    • 9 months ago

    Amazing speech, the story of the tinned peaches speak a volume, choice is another one, for me the naysayers part is my favourite as I always like proving people wrong when they are not aligned to my focus and the ultimate goal. Well done my friend.

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